The Bell told how blockchain platform TON will work

Last week, Telegram developers sent a letter to investors with information that the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) was successfully testing. The Bell project examined the technical documentation and described how the test version of TON works.


Its own programming language Fift “with built-in strong cryptography” was created for the development of the platform. All data in the blockchain will be encrypted using modern elliptical cryptography schemes.


The platform will be able to secure millions of transactions in seconds. For comparison, the bitcoin blockchain only came close to a record 4.7 transactions per second. According to The Bell, such volumes and speeds as TON assumes make sense only in the case of simultaneous use of the platform by hundreds of millions of people.


TON intends to become a whole ecosystem that will replace the usual web: here will be not only services and applications, but also “something like sites and something like web with browsers”.


Judging by the documentation, the virtual machine — software simulation of a computer that implements TON — is almost ready, as all low-level procedures are ready too. The basis for the client’s blockchain is also ready, but not yet implemented in Telegram.


Let’s remind, TON is planed to launch in the third quarter of 2019. If the platform does not work by October 31, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov will be obliged to return $ 1.7 billion to investors.


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